Experience It.

We have the most amazing community of support and love at our events.

Most of the fun producing our events is finding the best venue to work with that will help create the vibe and ambiance for our guests.

Sundaze (launch party) with Magician On Duty

Sunday November, 05

sundaze – a warm, comfortable refuge from the long week and a chance to recharge and acclimate to the week ahead.

thought provoking, soul nurturing, eclectic, downtempo, deep, and uplifting music of the world.

come with an open mind, and leave with an open heart. eat, drink, lounge, socialize, sit still, or sway your body from side to side.

A different kind of animal with Audiofly

Friday November, 17

Prepare to let your inner beast out on the dance floor at this free-spirited celebration of dance music. Each month, One Loft will host special guest artists with their own, unique breed of energy and sound. Release your primal instincts at § A Different Kind of Animal §.

§ Audiofly (FLYING CIRCUS (official) §

Audiofly are the duo of Luca Saporito and Anthony Middleton. They met and started working together in the spring of 2002 and immediately started a prolific partnership based on their shared music styles and experiences on the DJ circuit.

Their combined talents have created a powerful, experimental and original style of music (a deadly, dirty, jackin, tech meets electronic house) which is very current on the underground club scene.

Camp Summerdaze 2017

Friday July, 28

join us for a three day experience, one where the concept of time loses its man-made significance and you belong in a flowing state of existence, the eternal now, which is the natural state of being.

escape to the tranquil setting of the island, where the journey begins…nature, beach, music, food, arts, inspiring healers, workshops, and discussions.

The Past, is not the Past.

Take a glimpse of some of our past events.

Sundaze Season Closing... Xique Xique Djuma Soundsystem (Get Physical) - Road to Camp Summerdaze Shameless, a St.Patrick's Day Special with Jan Blomqvist Mardeleva - live in concert Love Hangover... BLOND:SH

Event Production
& Corporate Events

With over 20 years in food and beverage + events, our team brings extensive experience to the table. We curate our own in-house events in addition to producing events for clients. from private dinners, birthdays, weddings, product launches, or music festivals… we’ve done it!

Musical Curation (Booking + Mgmt)
Pop up shoppe + catering
Graphic design
Site planning
Venue acquisition
Rentals + suppliers

Our team manages all aspects of our in-house events and are experienced in managing external events and festivals:

Artist travel + accommodation (in-house, licensed travel team)
Bar management (set up + inventory)

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